Rehabilitation After Oral Cancer: Patient Treatment Considerations by Lauren Levi, DMD

Oral cancer may be a dangerous disease, a person suffers from sickness which will have an effect on anyone for lasting time period..

Unfortunately, though cancer treatments are not easy but equivalent to therapy, radiation treatment and head and neck surgery that has saved several lives, they are usually related to many other problems if persist may damage the health of a person on the longer run, the treatments are sometimes obstacles for the medical practitioner because cancer is disastrous and somehow very vulnerable..

This article will focus on oral health that is related to head and neck radiotherapy, moreover as treatment concerns for patients, who have already gone for the cancer treatment or going to have a treatment. This article will try to assist most of the questions patients do have in their minds.

Xerostomia the radiation therapy

Most of the patients who are having the Xerostomia the radiation therapy will be done around the head and neck region. As the oral cavity is so near definitively the doctor has to take care of nerves that proceed to the brain. This method of radiation demolishes the cancer spreading from oral cavity to brain and neck area.

No doubt the radiation therapy is beneficial but there are some effects of it that may change the person’s lifestyle. The Xerostomia causes less saliva production than the usual routine or may thicken the saliva than usual. The saliva acts as a buffer in the mouth, it helps lubricate the gums and teeth that gives bath and protects the teeth from cavities and plaque. It has been said that patients with less saliva are prone to have problems like dental decay. That is why the cancer patients are told to consume a lot of water to resolve such matters in order to resolve the bigger one.

Trimus the surgery treatment

The Trimus treatment is a kind of treatment that requires the opening of jaw after the radiation treatment. The treatment is fully dependent on the location of place where the radiations have been done and thus the age does matter with the medical history. This Trimus is a surgical process definitely not so easy to have; it is painful. It is very important to maintain the oral hygiene and few people are very petty about that. A person suffering can have difficulty in eating and speaking especially.

After the Trimus procedure the jaw exercises are encourages and one should focus on the improvement of overall health. The jaw exercised will help and should be emphasized on the patients. After the oral cavity surgery a patient is open for treatment to the therapist and pathologist. As the oral cavity is so much near to the head and neck, the advancement in the treatment but should be discussed properly.

Precautionary measures

The jaw exercises will definitely help before going into the surgery. You can also do such exercises at home. These exercises will help in proceeding to the surgeries but the speech pathologists and physical therapists also help recover the patient at home.

You should always consult the doctor after having a surgery. Once the surgery is done you need to take care of it along with the regular medication. Regular checkup with the doctors is very necessary. The doctors have to assess whether the results of the surgery are fine or creating troubles for the patient. It is doctors responsibility to have a keen eye on the patients recovery as the successful case in the history that matters. If you have been failed in the surgery, then your mentor needs to be more effective to make you naïve about everything in the world.

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